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Frequently Asked Questions

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees and visitors to the workplace are safe from injury and risks to health. You must therefore manage any safety risks surrounding electrical hazards, in accordance with the requirements of the OHS and WHS Acts and regulations around Australia. You must apply a systematic risk management approach to eliminate or control the risk of electrical hazards. After the risk assessment, you can then implement a range of control measures including:

  • Routine visual checks.
  • Regular inspection.
  • Maintenance.
  • Repair and replacement.
  • Use of residual current devices (RCDs) and, where warranted, testing of identified electrical equipment.

At Right Whitegoods, we take pride in our repair services, and we fully stand behind our work. That’s why we offer a 1-year warranty on parts and labour.

It depends on different factors, including the age of the appliance, the cost of the repair, your long-term plans and environmental impact:

  • Age of the Refrigerator: If your refrigerator is relatively new (less than 6 years old) and the repair cost is reasonable, it’s generally worth repairing. Newer appliances tend to be more energy-efficient and may have a longer lifespan with proper maintenance.
  • Cost of Repair: The cost of repair is a critical factor. If the repair cost is significantly less than the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, repairing it is often a cost-effective choice. However, if the repair cost is approaching or exceeding the cost of a new appliance, it may not make financial sense to repair it.
  • Long-Term Plans: Consider your long-term plans. If you plan to stay in your current home for many years, investing in a new, energy-efficient refrigerator might be a wise decision. On the other hand, if you plan to move soon, a cost-effective repair may be the better choice.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider the environmental impact. Repairing an appliance can be more environmentally friendly than disposing of it and buying a new one, especially if it’s still serviceable and energy-efficient after the repair.

Our service fee starts at $195 for a technician to visit your home, diagnose the issue, and provide a repair quote. This fee will be applied to your completed repair.

We don’t use hourly rates. All pricing for our jobs is agreed before we start. This means no surprises on your repairs.

We accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer and cash. All the technicians are equipped with EFTPOS machines so you can make the payment on site.

Yes, we do carry common parts for different brands in our vans however if a specific part is require it will need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

We pride ourselves in having a prompt response time. Call us to speak to a friendly member of our team and we can get one of our technicians to your door in a suitable timeframe.

Yes, we provide preventive maintenance. This can be a cost-effective approach to keep your appliance in good working order. Also, it can reduce overall repair costs and prevent the need for replacement.

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